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Whether M5 Crashes occur because of Fireworks

The tragedy of the M5 has left seven people dead and 51 wounded. The tragedy occurred on the M5 motorway Friday night in Taunton involving 34 vehicles. The detectives are still investigating the cause of the tragedy of the M5. They suspect the smoke from the fireworks club rugby causing pile-ups. Seven people were killed and 51 injured in pile-up involving 34 vehicles near Taunton on Friday night. "Assistant Chief Constable Anthony Bangham said:" The main line of investigation we are now moving towards an event on the side of the carriageway. "West Somerset coroner, Michael Rose, said he plans to open inquests into the deaths of seven victims of the accident on Thursday in Taunton. "I have asked three forensic pathologists to carry out postmortems on the day of the seven victims of a tragic incident on the M5," he said. Allegations that kembabg fire is the cause of the tragedy of the M5 was denied by Tom Smith, secretary of the Association of British Pyrotechnists. He said "very rare" for the smoke to be a big problem. He doubted that the fireworks show that relatively small banks could create smoke that police have described.

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