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Thanksgiving Wallpaper - Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Wallpaper - Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was in 1974, Monterey, CA was not as lively as it is now. The cars were less than those on foot and there were no houses had shops. Banks are opened at 10 am and closes at 3 pm and there was no ATM machines are located. The internet was a distant idea in the minds of those locked up in garages with big thick glasses on keyboards with even bigger servers. The phones were rotary and you could call someone with the dime in your pocket.

My mother, alone (even at 63 he's never been married), was working two full-time jobs for a total of $ 96.00 a week. His dream was to go to school and get his degree in communications critical / Social Communication at UCSD. She succeeded in this objective, but that's another story for another day.

It was Thanksgiving Day and Kimmie (my mother) had cooked a turkey. The next-door neighbors invited over Kimmie because they believe in taking any food without others to celebrate the holidays, especially during the holidays. We lived in Major Sherman Lane and the neighbors next door had 7 (seven) children, each a year apart, and one more on the way. They were all children and their names all began with the letter "D "...... 'Nuff said about them.

One of the boys next door neighbor was given the command to "go next door and get the turkey on the counter."

About 10 minutes later, again Kimmie (who was visiting next time) and was a bit confused when he said, "no turkey on the counter." He replied exasperated Kimmie - how could I miss a turkey last! "-" I believe you have been smoking a little too p * t "and returned to the cottage.

Well, he may have been smoking a bit too much of the Mary Jane, but he was right. The turkey had been stolen. Not only was stolen, there was no evidence. Not a single wing, thigh, or even a drop of juice .... what happened to the turkey? They steal our turkey? In particular Thanksgiving? What kind of Grinch to do this to us? A half Grinch, that's who!

Kimmie began to mourn. Left with no money and nothing to eat, we are left with a little rice and salad - a staple for us. We ended up watching Lawrence Welk on the black and white TV with rabbit ears silver the only channel we have received.

Kimmie was a friend of the editor of the Herald of Monterey at the time and told his friend the story of the night as he wanted to "touch base" newspaper phoned to wish us a happy Thanksgiving. What began as a really depressing night was fun because we could not figure out where was the turkey or who would steal a turkey .... it was a strange coincidence. We laugh at the whole situation and what started as a real problem became a real cry for us!

The next day, the senior editor published the history of our turkey theft and 16:00 on 28 November there was a truck full of turkeys and food delivered to our little bungalow house. So much so that we could not even imagine how such a small community can get to this food much more! We take only what you need to make a turkey dinner and gave the rest to local churches and community centers.

Kimmie was full of love and was so happy that people care a lot about us - people who do not know us, we wrote letters and sent money even. It was really surprising how little dream of Monterey, CA community gathered to wish us love and goodwill.

Two weeks later he was playing behind the bungalow higher lane just before Sherman became very ill with swine flu and found the bones of the turkey. It turns out that people with seven children and one on the way there was a dog pregnant and hungry - he stole the turkey! I can not blame the pregnant mom. It turns out that her cubs were very cute!

So, why am I telling you this story?

Because even though it was really a disappointment not to have a Thanksgiving turkey, Kimmie and I had a great time together, eating brown rice and salad watching Lawrence Welk on TV rabbit ears silver. When operating from the true power of love and generosity you realize that nothing, not one thing in this world can stop it.

We are entering the holiday season with Halloween is fast approaching. Before you know it Thanksgiving, Christmas and then lights up like a freight train.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's hard for me to read the blogs of other people or words when you are grateful for a list of things. And most people are quick to say they are grateful for their new cars, spacious homes, husbands who take good care of them, their wallets fat, and the list goes on. All that is good and big to. Some of us are grateful for the things more important than material in nature, and we are very happy with these things when we can have. For me, sometimes appears as rubbing in the faces of those not so fortunate, and we really want to be better than material. For me, notice I said that.

And for me, the human world is a bitter, rather strong, ambitious and very bad.

Do not misunderstand me: I am really happy when I see people are happy, and I certainly do not begrudge anyone happiness can be deduced from this life. Not at all. We each have our own personal lists of what makes us happy. Mine includes mainly the needs, with a few non-material wants peace as a very stressful life and the world, with an occasional break from the pressures of life. But when I see the lists, I sometimes compare it to some poker players who get lucky on the river and then rub the faces of those bad beat. They have a lucky card, and that's what won. They chased the dream too short a call and hope for the miracle river card with nothing in his favor until the end literal. They played the hand and ended badly rewarded for it.

So the answer is an immediate response "less bad" or "wow, do I have luck," followed by boos from a stolen victory to those who basically robbed of a winning hand until the last letter. I call the winners of the wicked because they are. It is understandable that lose less of grace in one hand and, because you know you did everything right. It's another thing to make less of grace when we knew very well that all the time chasing anything. Win or lose at poker, it is inevitable that will happen, and happen very often.

I had the miracle cards myself, and certainly I have pursued my share of pots and distributed some bad shots, but I have to stay away from bad winners. I can honestly say I have never gloated when I had a miracle river card. I have silently thanked the card came out I won the hand, but usually the loser according to complaints, it sucks, I'm an ass, and all the insults that other poker players shoot at each other . I agree, and I say in the chat that I agree, and sometimes even I apologize. I feel bad for them, but happy for myself, even though happiness is fleeting as the next hand and is being treated. Typical human response. Some things are better left unsaid, and making fun of the person (s) has to overcome by sheer luck, not only by the skill or the work is wrong and should not happen. But it does, and always will be.

Which brings me back to Thanksgiving. I always feel uncomfortable saying aloud what I'm grateful, and poker, I finally showed why. It's like making fun of those who are not so lucky, not so fortunate, who have almost as much, or nothing at all, and I will not do that.

Some things are better left unsaid.

So I will be grateful for what I have, but I will keep quiet and keep to myself, because I know that life can throw difficulties in our way. It's human nature to feel envious. I know, I used to be real envious of what other people had, until I realized that either did not work hard enough to get your level of comfort, or do not have the ability to obtain certain levels of life, some things just are not playing cards in my life.

Some people call it settle for less than our potential. I call it the acceptance and realize that sometimes in life, some fights are better not performed for the greater good in the long term. I'd rather be an honest, moral, which is extremely poor as a materialistic person, with little or no substance.

Happy Thanksgiving. Not to be thankful for what you have, but realize that what you may have and they really do not usually go hand in hand.

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