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Guru Nanak,The founder of the Sikh religion.

Guru Nanak was born on April 15, 1469.Sejak age of 16 years he has been his spiritual journey to convey the Message of Universal Divine Oneness and unity G_D manusia.GuruNanak illuminated the human mind to absorb the divine attributes: Truth, Justice, Peace, Love, Liberty, Equality, Amity, Harmony, 27 years old Guru Nanak Compassion.Selamamembebasan struggling people of all varieties of domination, economic exploitation by thewealthy aristocrats and the ruling class, exploitation by religious ~ elite (the clergy), andfrom faith-based rituals and superstitions.
Guru Nanak raised vigorous voice against oppression, tyranny and persecutionassociated with religion. He stressed the importance of basic and important of the Oneness G_D and said all the secondary denominational affiliation.
Sikhism recognizes equality of all humans.
Celibacy, asceticism and rejection is highly recommended in Sikhism.
There is no place in Sikhism worship deities ('gods' and 'goddess') of human worship, idolatry, ritualism, superstition, racism, casteism, communalism, regionalism,parochialism.

Guru Nanak
Guru Nanak

"Let mercy be the cotton, contentment the thread, Continence the knot and truth the twist. O priest! If you have such a thread, Do give it to me. It'll not wear out, nor get soiled, nor burnt, nor lost. Says Nanak, blessed are those who go about wearing such a thread" (Rag Asa)

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"There is but One God, His name is Truth, He is the Creator, He fears none, he is without hate, He never dies, He is beyond the cycle of births and death, He is self illuminated, He is realized by the kindness of the True Guru. He was True in the beginning, He was True when the ages commenced and has ever been True, He is also True now." (Japji)

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"Let God's grace be the mosque, and devotion the prayer mat. Let the Quran be the good conduct. Let modesty be compassion, good manners fasting, you should be a Muslim the like of this. Let good deeds be your Kaaba and truth be your mentor. Your Kalma be your creed and prayer, God would then vindicate your honour." (Majh)

Guru Nanak & Sikh religion
Guru Nanak Dev Ji Wallpapers
"I beseech you, O Lord! pray grant me a hearing. You are the truthful, the great, the merciful, and the faultless Creator. I know for certain, this world must perish, And death must come, I know this and nothing else. Neither wife, nor son, nor father, nor brothers shall be able to help. I must go in the end, none can undo what is my fate. I have spend days and nights in vanity, contemplating evil. Never have I thought of good; this is what I am. I am ill-starred, miserly, careless, short-sighted, and rude. But says Nanak, I am yours, the dust of the feet of your servants." (Tilang)

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