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Droid RAZR,a slim and elegant Smartphone.!!

Droid RAZR

Motorola finally officially introduced their latest smartphone, Razr Droid, which combines the strengths of the series Droid with slender bodies that are characteristic of the Razr series. Motoroal RAZR DROID is a smartphone with Android 2.3.5 features. Droid chassis Razr has a 7.1mm thinness, using Kevlar fiber plus material from Corning Gorilla glass, so resistant to a wide range of gesekan.Bahkan Droid Razr also claimed to have nanocoating so resistant to water splashes.

Motorola Droid RAZR

Droid rely on the power of her Razr 1.2GHz dual-core processors. Screen size 4.3-inch AMOLED QHD resolution will probably remind us of the Samsung Galaxy S. Besides relying on 1GB of RAM, an 8MP camera plus the ability to record Full HD 1080p, Droid Razr that has been using 2.3.5 Gingerbread Android also relies on Bluetooth 4.0 to exchange data wirelessly. While the 16GB of internal memory can also be expanded via microSD.
1800mAh battery is capable of great power used up to 12.5 hours of 3G talk time. With Intelligent Actions DROID can automatically turn off the Bluetooth feature RAZR, underclock the CPU when the battery is low so the battery can be 30% more durable than similar smartphones.
DROID RAZR also has features that support compatibility with Motorola Actv.

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