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Every month there is always the newest camera products are released with a variety of features, design, size and others. The producers create ads that menggexpose of sophistication and excellence of their products. This is what makes people become confused to choose the products they buy. Eventually many of those who buy a digital camera just because the goods are being ngetrend di.pasaran. If you need the camera work is okay to buy a super-sophisticated camera with an expensive price. But if you just need a camera to capture family moments, you should follow these tips:

Tips in Choose Smart Digital Camera:
  Determining the Resolution:
Digital images created by dots called pixels. This resolution refers to the number of pixels which work together to make a photograph. Usually indicated by a horizontal x vertical. 1280x960 resolution has a total of 1.2 Megapixels. The greater the resolution will produce images that are also better but the price is also increasingly mahal.Jika just want to send photos via e-mail, 640x480 resolution is adequate. For daily photos of digital camera with 2 megapixels enough for viewing on a computer screen and printed up to size 6R. If you plan to print at larger sizes, required at least 3 megapixels. Furthermore, if you still want to print larger, the greater megapixels is you need. But if forced, a small camera with a megapixel still be able to print on large paper sizes, but sometimes the results will look blurry.

  Note the battery and charger:
If you do not want the pleasure is lost because of lackluster battery, you need to consider how long it can survive a power source. Choosing a battery that can be refilled (rechargeable) is the act wise and more efficient.
If your camera uses a lithium battery, its use does not require too much attention, just charged and wear, if worn finish, please be in charge again. Some cameras use AA battery type. For this type, we may choose to use Alkaline batteries, or battery can be recharged. We always advise each user to use a rechargeable battery type than other types of alkaline, rechargeable battery price is slightly more expensive than alkaline, but his ability is used several times (can be recharged up to 500x normal), then the price of this battery will be much cheaper . But please be careful not to buy AA rechargeable battery types are false, because now many in the market.

  Optical Zoom (and Digital Zoom):
Magnification optical images (this is different from digital zoom). We try to get a camera with at least 2x optical zoom. Most digital cameras have optical zoom capabilities, and this is very useful for our interests mengabil image for a little distance away from where we are. Do not be fooled by digital zoom, average digital cameras all have digital zoom facility, but enlarged with digital zoom will result in the images we are so broken and unclear. We recommend that if you do not have, try to always avoid using digital zoom. Digital zoom can also be done with software on a PC.

Support facilities for low-light
In bright light conditions that are not usually trouble getting the camera will focus before we shoot the object. Therefore, some digital cameras equipped with light assistance (many forms) that serves to help capture photos in low light places. This is especially important on taking photos indoors.

  Note Memory Storagenya:
Some cameras have an internal memory in it, but usually not very large capacity. Therefore, we must ensure that our digital camera is equipped with ports for external memory, so that we can provide additional memory in accordance * with our needs. There are various types of memory that can be used in digital cameras, types and shapes are usually tailored to the type of digital camera. The price varies, but the greater capacity, then the price will be more expensive as well. Internal memory available on a digital camera you can ignore if the camera does not have such facilities.

  Try the camera before buying:
The digital camera is similar to other digital media, usually equipped with a menu and the buttons controller to suit our purposes. Some amera have a command that is easily understood than other types. Comparison of ease or difficulty can you conclude if you've tried it. Also note the time delay from the start we press the shoot button until the image is completed taken (shutter lag), there is a certain camera delaynya very long, but it also affects the conditions of space and light where we tried the camera. Also try zoomnya lens (optical zoom), whether it can be used easily and quickly. Know also how long it will be seen from the start turn on the camera until the camera is ready for use. Do not forget to try the LCD and viewfinder.

  Find out as much information:
There is a good idea to know in advance the capabilities, specifications, and the lack of camera that you crush to buy it. Ask the experts, or people who have ever used will greatly help us to determine whether the camera is worth to buy. Some websites on the internet a lot to give reviews about digital cameras, ranging from global to review until the review as detailed as-details. Place the discussion on the Internet is also highly recommended to be used as a reference before buying a digital camera.

  Note the additional features:
Many digital cameras are equipped with additional features, one that always there is the ability to record moving images (video). The video features a digital camera is only as additional course and ability is very limited. Hope you do not specify the decision to buy a digital camera from the camera's ability to record video. Video recordings of digital cameras will not be maximum, digital camera designed for still image resulting in a maximum. If you intend to record more videos, you should consider to buy a camcorder or similar device that is designed to record video.Perhatikan whether your digital camera can get in touch with other digital devices such as televisions, printers, PCs or Macs. If anything, you can print images with the help of a USB cable. Some digital cameras already supports PictBridge which makes you free to print images directly from digital camera even though its brand is different.

As for the six vendors that pioneered the open standards that are Canon, Hewleet-Packard, Seiko Epson Corporation, Olympus Optical Company, Fuji Photo Film Corporation and Sony Corporation.

  Consider buying a card reader:
Card reader is an additional tool that is used to read memory cards in digital cameras. By the time we bought a digital camera, would have included cable and driver to transfer / transfer photos from camera to computer. But if we use a device called a card reader, then we would save time to transfer from camera to computer and be done with a very easy way, other than that if we use a card reader, then we do not need the camera is turned on (on) and finally we also we can save battery life.

Also note the zoom capabilities on offer. Optical zoom into the limelight rather than digital zoom, the devices that provide facilities Kunak croppping and enlarge the image.

The flash (flash)
The average digital camera products are equipped with an integrated flash. There are automated or need to press the button on to run it. Flash is useful as a supporter of light when shooting in dark locations.
Consider also whether the slim has additional features such as reducing red-eye effect. Some products also come with a selection of photos to capture images at night or the night scene.

Self timer can usually reach 10 seconds. In addition to photographing facilitate self-image, this feature is also useful for taking pictures in poor light conditions because it can reduce the shock of the pressure on key decision-gambar.Pilih digital camera that does not take too many shots after the break.

Do not forget to calculate the price of other supporting devices such as rechargeable batteries and AC adapters.

  Compare prices and warranty:
Try a survey to several stores before you buy a camera and compare prices.
Margin distinct advantage of being the source of why the prices you find in the store that is not the same one with which lain.Jangan tempted in shape, but look at the features and warranty.

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