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Bye Joe Frazier "The Boxing Legend".

Joe Frazier, heavyweight boxing legend died yesterday Wednesday. Joe died of liver cancer that has suffered for a long time. During this time Joe was known as a heavy smoker, his friends gave him the nickname 'Smokin' Joe.The effect of the bad habits that led him to the last resort.
Joe Frazier is the figure of a successJoe Frazier is the figure of a successful boxer,. Both in amateur and pro boxing. Amateur career peak is at 1964 Tokyo Olympics, he won the gold medal for heavyweight boxing.
In professional boxing Joe never won the world title WBA & WBC heavyweight. His fight with Muhammad Ali is considered as a fight of this century. Muhammad Ali fought Joe 3 times, winning once and losing two times. In addition to Muhammad Ali, George Foreman is only capable of defeating him.

Joe Frazier "Smokin'

Joe Frazier  The Boxing Legend

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