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Tribute to Simoncelli

Marco Simoncelli’s coffin was carried into church by friends at Coriano, in the province of Rimini. Accompanying the bearers was a cloud of red balloons with Simoncelli’s race number, 58, as they moved through the crowd to cover the short distance from the municipal theatre, where a mortuary chapel had been set up, to the church where the funeral was held. Friends and relatives greeted the entrance of the coffin with a warm, and very long, round of applause. Waiting in the church were members of Simoncelli’s family: his father Paolo, his mother Rossella, his sister Martina and his grandfather. They, too, were applauded, as was Simoncelli’s girlfriend, Kate.
Valentino Rossi was one of the first to arrive, at about 2 pm, and was followed by many of the big names in motor sport, including Mattia Pasini,Jorge Lorenzo and Randy De Puniet  including Mattia Pasini, Jorge Lorenzo and Randy De Puniet.More than a thousand people, most of whom arrived on motorbikes, watched the funeral from the Santa Monica race track at Misano Adriatico.

Tributes to Marco Simoncelli placed by fans in the town square of Coriano for the MotoGP rider's funeral.

People pay their respects at the church on Simoncelli Coriano

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