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SUSAN MILLER Astrology and Horoscope

I couldn't be more excited to welcome this glorious bum-sweater of a month - we have sunshine, we have sundresses, we have SUSAN MILLER JUNE FORECASTS. If you aren't a fan of astrology, THIS WOMAN will convince you otherwise. She must have been conceived on a fluffy cotton candy cloud in the sky - she is a godsend...her tears smell like lavender...her words are like white truffle butter, nursing my soul with indulgence, deliciousness and empty nutrition. Get thy ass to her website and check out yo' forecast, chickens!!! You will not be sorry!

Susan Miller is a recognised astrologer, and having a web site with about 6 million visitors per month. A great achievement. Susan miller never intended to become an astrologer but it happend accidentally. In her own words, she never chose astrology as her course but astrology has chosen her to be its messanger. It may be true, as per horoscope . When saturn grace is there , they shine in the astrology. In the child hood she had problem with her leg and at that time one magazine editor predicted that susan miller would walk again. It also happend that way. From that time on, she got interest in horoscopes, daily horoscopes and started reading and learning though working otherwise. Slowly, early in 1994 susan miller started her own site astrologyzone.com and started writing daily horoscopes. It grew big becaue of her predictions, personal touch for the readers questions. Now she has her own servers and assistants to help her though she takes the major responsibility of penning the articles and daily , monthly predictions. Susan miller wrote two popular books on astrology. The Astrology Book of Days, Planets & Possibilities. susan miller contributes to a daily column in new york daily news.

susan miller is good astrologist

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