Untooning Stewie, Peter Griffin, Marge Simpson, Betty Boop, Dumbo and More- Cartoons Made To Look Alive!

Obviously there is a rash of untooning going on in the blogosphere these days and lucky for us all, a whole bunch of very talented people went and untooned every cartoon there is and has ever been! Or so it seems. Some of my very favorite cartoon characters have been humanized and others have been made to look “alive”. Three of my favorite toon characters: hilarious Little Stewie and Peter Griffin from Family Guy and have been beautifully remade or humanized and so has Marge Simpson from The Simpsons. Betty Boop and The Little Mermaid were also skillfully Photoshopped as were a number of other cartoons but we don’t have enough space for the rest.

This is a collaborative effort by many talented people and the end result is pretty impressive. I will never look at Stewie the same way.


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